Arcanium Studios is an independent game development studio founded in the heart of Egypt. Our journey began in 2018 with a quest to bring fantasy packed gaming experiences to mobile phones.

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Biospread : Biotic Battles

You didn't think the earth was the only planet with life on it, did you? Well, it isn't. We've discovered a planet not far from our own with life forms very similar to us.

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Arcanium Studios is a private game development studio nestled in the heart of Cairo, with big dreams. We’re a small and dedicated team striving to create visually attractive and mentally stimulating games. Every step is taken with players in mind. We’re creating an environment where everyone will want to bring out their best. Mobile games are increasing in popularity, and instead of aiming at the standard, we decided to raise the bar. Why can’t we take AAA style art and gameplay and put it in your phone? We can.

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