Biospread : Biotic battles

You didn't think the earth was the only planet with life on it, did you? We've discovered a planet not far from our own with life forms very similar to us. But we don't trust them. That's why it's your mission to develop an infection that will take them down from the inside! Set in the year 2030, BioSpread takes you on an adventure inside the bodies of newly discovered aliens where you will play as one of 8 characters based on real-life organisms.

The game features two modes, a story-based campaign, and an online multiplayer mode:

Campaign Story Mode: The story follows a secret agent (YOU) who is trained to control microscopic organisms given to him by the mad scientist, Dr. Divide. Your mission is to spread your "infection" to as many aliens as possible while collecting resources to upgrade and buy your characters. You will be given a choice of 8 characters (4 infections and 4 white blood cells) each with their own special abilities. Your character will go through different levels and fight off defenses and enemies with an objective to gather as many resources as - but not until you defeat the level boss!

Multiplayer Mode: Each player is given their own alien as a "base". Your first objective is to make your base impenetrable so other players can't take it over! Gather resources to upgrade your defenses and place them strategically to stop other players. More importantly, you'll need to upgrade your characters to be able to go through other player's defenses and spread your infection around the world!

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