Dust Runners

Dust Runners is a multiplayer combat racing game with console-quality graphics and intense gameplay! You have a large roster of characters all with their unique playing styles and special weapons that you'll use to blow your friends off the newest combat racing, action-packed, single and multiplayer title.

The Dust Runners are a group of miniature (and magical) bunnies that live in your house and come out when you're away to race each other.
They even pick up objects you leave lying around so they can create their weapons and beat each other up during races!

Explore Your House Through a Different Lens These tiny creatures run through your living room, kitchen, and even on your bed! Explore your surroundings as you've never seen them before.

Real Time Multiplayer Connect with your friends or strangers all around the world to show off your style and skills!

Multiple Game Modes Play a classic combat race mode and a suspenseful elimination game mode with people all around the world, or enjoy a single-player campaign mode filled with hours of gameplay.

Collect 20 Unique Characters Collect a roster full of unique Bunnies with their own Special Moves and personalities! From Ninjas to Psychos, to Engineers, the Dust Runners have a character for everyone. Collect them all and Race your friends or people around the world in Epic Showdowns! Pick a character and Race your friends in an epic power-up racing adventure! Race around the house as miniature bunnies that pack a punch with powerups they find lying around the house.

Customize Your Characters ( Coming Soon ) Show off your style using hundreds of different outfits. You can dress up your characters with cool hats, shoes, sunglasses and even more swag to show off your skills in style!

Challenge The World Beat other players in the weekly tournaments and score on the top of the leaderboards to get cool prizes every week!

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